2 New Winners of Mobile Equipment Donation Initiative to Receive Avanti Mobile Systems (Round 4)

The De Luca Foundation is pleased to announce Ms. Elissa Embrechts (University of Antwerp, Belgium) and Dr. Pablo Iturralde (Universidad Catolica del Uruguay, Uruguay) as the latest recipients of Mobile EMG equipment, as part of our ongoing Equipment Donation Initiative.

Ms. Embrechts will be receiving a 2-Sensor Trigno Avanti Mobile System, for investigating the relationship between spatial neglect and motor recovery / control in post-stroke patients.

Dr. Iturralde will be receiving a 2-Sensor Trigno Avanti Mobile System, to study muscle synergies and motor learning, to use as a biomarker in rehab therapies, and for use in their biomechanics courses.

All donated EMG equipment is provided courtesy of Delsys, Inc.

The De Luca Foundation has committed to donating 12 total Mobile EMG packages in 2020, to help researchers, clinicians, and educators develop their area of expertise using simple, yet powerful, mobile tools and technologies.

For the remaining 3 systems, we will be accepting applications until December 1st, and the winners will be announced in mid-December.