After 20 years, the De Luca Foundation is announcing the official retirement of our annual Delsys Prize competition.

Created in 2003, the Delsys Prize has long been the De Luca Foundation’s flagship outreach campaign, as our founder, Prof. Carlo J De Luca, believed strongly in providing opportunities for both young and established investigators in human movement fields.  Over its two decades of honoring excellence in Electromyography, the Delsys Prize has helped recognize researchers who developed novel EMG applications to the study of human movement.

Starting 2022, the De Luca Foundation will be shifting its focus towards supporting established professionals who are currently working to introduce Electromyography into diverse practical settings through ongoing research that combines standard measurement tools with EMG to improve lives.  This shift will center around the new Rethink EMG Challenge, which was established in 2021 and has already received a tremendously positive response from the community, with over 180 professionals submitting proposals in its inaugural campaign.

In the spirit of Prof. De Luca’s determination to encourage progress in science, we are eager to continue supporting the community as we grow together in this new world.