2020 Year in Review

2020 was a year unlike any other.  Due to the global health pandemic caused by COVID-19, people and organizations around the world had to adapt to an ever-changing landscape of shutdowns and health guidelines, while attempting to maintain “normal” operations.

Recognizing this, the De Luca Foundation had to be flexible in its own respect – we completely changed our means of support for the year, as we shifted away from single-winner competitions based on completed work, and focused more on maximizing impact through immediate donations to the community at-large.

About one month into the worldwide lockdown, we announced the COVID Donation Initiative, through which we provided 30 students with $1,000.00 USD stipends and 5 professionals with 2-sensor EMG systems for research, to support endeavors that would have otherwise been postponed due to the pandemic.

We also maintained a year-long Mobile Equipment Donation Initiative, through which 12 professionals were selected to incorporate small-scale EMG tools into their work, which ultimately proved valuable for at-home recordings and lessons.

We at the De Luca Foundation are in a uniquely fortunate position to offer support in a time of need, and for that we are incredibly grateful.  We remain steadfast in our commitment to our community, and will humbly contribute for years to come.