3 Winners Selected to Receive Mobile EMG Equipment (Round 1)

The De Luca Foundation is pleased to announce Dr. Irene DiGiulio of King’s College London, Dr. Thomas Engleder of the University of Applied Sciences Ulm, and Dr. Brendan O’Brien of St. Vincent’s Private Hospital as the first 3 recipients of Mobile EMG equipment, as part of our ongoing Equipment Donation Initiative.

Dr. DiGiulio will be receiving a Hand Performance Monitor, for studying the physiological factors tied to grip strength in sarcopenia and frailty to improve treatment.

Dr. Engleder will be receiving a 2-Sensor Trigno Avanti Mobile System, to incorporate into BS/MS classes for biomechanical analysis in combination with hands-on physiotherapy applications.

Dr. O’Brien will be receiving a 2-Sensor Trigno Avanti Mobile System, for clinical assessments of movement patterns in pre-post op and inpatient settings.

All donated EMG equipment is provided courtesy of Delsys, Inc.

The De Luca Foundation has a total of 12 Mobile EMG packages to donate to researchers, clinicians, and educators in need, in order to develop their area of expertise using simple, yet powerful, mobile tools and technologies.

We are accepting applications for equipment donation on an ongoing monthly basis, with each round closing on the 15th of each month.  To submit an application, please visit the 2020 Equipment Donation Initiative page.