Congratulations to Michael Twardowski, research engineer at Delsys/Altec Inc, for defending his PhD dissertation

We are proud to announce that Michael Twardowski, research engineer at Delsys and Altec Inc, defended his dissertation yesterday. Michael’s doctoral research has made substantial contributions in the field of human machine interfaces, translating motor unit firings and action potentials measured from NeuroMap technology for proportional, multi-DOF control of prosthetic, robotic or exoskeleton devices.

Committee members including Dr. Zhi (Jane) Li (WPI), Dr. Karen Troy (WPI), Dr. Michael Gennert (WPI), and Dr. Joshua C Kline (Altec/Delsys) all recognized the strength and rigor of Michael’s dissertation, unanimously recommending him for the degree of doctor of philosophy in robotics engineering.

“It has been my great pleasure to work with Michael on this novel research problem. I really appreciate Michael’s intelligence, as well as diligent and persistent efforts. I am looking forward to seeing his research efforts to be converted to assistive robotic technologies at Delsys. I hope his future research will continue to benefit science, society, and humanity.”

Dr. Zhi (Jane) Li

Congratulations to Dr. Twardowski for a well-earned doctoral degree!

PhD Dissertation

Deriving Motor Unit-based Control Signals for Multi-Degree-of-Freedom Neural Interfaces


Dr. Zhi (Jane) Li

Dr. Joshua C. Kline
Altec, Inc. & Delsys, Inc.

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