Hands-On Workshops (India): Integrating EMG and Physiological Measurements into a Virtual Environment

July 2024, New Delhi and Bangalore

Are you interested in developing Virtual Reality tools to analyze human performance?

These workshops will cover the online web course, VR Sensor Integration, designed by the workshop leaders and their team at the Terascale All-sensing Research Studio (TARS).

Workshop Goals:

Learn the basics for VR development in Unity

Use physiological sensors through the Delsys API

Merge physiological data with VR to analyze human performance

The skills taught during the workshops will provide a glimpse into the future, where physiological sensing and virtual reality applications intersect.

Dr. Natasha Banerjee and Dr. Sean Banerjee from the Terascale All-sensing Research Studio

What Will I Learn?

Who Should Attend?

When and Where?

July 15th-16th

July 18th-19th

Workshop Itinerary

Day 1

The first day will cover modules 1-3:

  • Getting started with Unity
  • Unity VR Development
  • Introduction to Physiological Sensors

Day 2

The second day will cover modules 4-6:

  • Data Collection with Physiological Sensors
  • Integration with VR
  • Data Analysis


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Financial support of TARS
The De Luca Foundation has provided over $300,000 in support of TARS. As part of that support, the co-directors of TARS, Natasha and Sean Banerjee, have developed this course and organized these workshops.