10 Winners of the Inaugural Joseph Hamill Access to Science Award Have Been Selected

The Winners Have Been Chosen!

The De Luca Foundation is excited to announce that 54 students have applied to the first ever Joseph Hamill Access to Science Award, and the top 10 have been selected! In partnership with the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), the De Luca Foundation is supporting student travel to international conferences. This year, 10 winners will each receive $2,000 for enabling travel to the ACSM conference in Boston, Massachusetts, beginning May 28th, 2024.

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Jacob Fanous
University of Western Ontario
Characterizing Motor Unit Firing Rates in the Vastus Intermedius in Humans
Alexandra Nilius
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Contributors to Stiffened Knee Gait in Individuals with ACL Reconstruction
Torstein Daehlin
University of South Florida
A Nearest Neighbors Classifier for Automatically Determining Foot Strike Patterns in Runners
Willa Ma
University of Southern California
Daily Limb Loading During Weightbearing Activities Following ACL Reconstruction Does Not Reflect Laboratory Gait
Caitlin Huang
Quinnipiac University
Impact of Fatigue on Coordination During an Upper Extremity Lifting Task
Julie Walton
University of Calgary
Test-retest Reliability of a Novel Protocol to Evaluate Muscle-tendon Function in Pre- and Post-menopausal Women
Rebecca Daniels
University of Delaware
Variability in Rapid Force Production Predicts Motor Symptom Severity in Parkinson’s Disease
Steven Garcia
University of Illinois Chicago
Alterations in Inter-joint Coordination and Lower-Limb Support in those with ACL Reconstruction
Hui Tang
University of Texas at Austin
Joint Moments and Powers Variability Estimated by Markerless Motion Capture System May Affect Clinical Interpretations
Meihui Li
Simon Fraser University
Vertical Takeoff Acceleration as a Predictor of Single Leg Jump Performance
The Joseph Hamill Access to Science Award will be running for the next four years, so be sure to apply next year for another chance at the award! To learn more about the Joseph Hamill Access to Science Award and our other ongoing grant programs, please stop by the De Luca Foundation’s booth at ACSM 2024.

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