De Luca Foundation thanks Dr. John Basmajian

Wise man behind ISEK & De Luca Foundation
Dr. John V. Basmajian(21 June 1921 – 18 March 2008)

Dr. John V. Basmajian’s profound scientific legacy lives on through ISEK, which he co-founded nearly 5 decades ago. His ground-breaking research, publications, books and lectures established the vital importance of electromyography in biomechanics and rehabilitation, laying the foundation for work that continues today.

Dr. Basmajian’s appeal to the global scientific community world lies in his history as an immigrant, a devout doctor, a curious scientist and a great mentor to many, including Prof. De Luca.

These two men were brought together by their love for science, willingness to share  knowledge, ability to communicate complex ideas in simple terms, broad insight, and generosity towards others.

In 1985, Prof. De Luca established a research-focused non-profit foundation, now called the De Luca Foundation, with Dr. John Basmajian as one of its directors.

Today, the De Luca Foundation’s ambitious mission reflects both Dr. John Basmajian’s and Prof. De Luca’s vision for the fields of electromyography and biomechanics: “Invest in the future generation.”