Prof. Karl Zelik: Inspiring Bioscience Entrepreneur

On the eve of the anniversary of Prof. Carlo De Luca’s passing, Delsys and the De Luca Foundation are proud to recognize the academic and entrepreneurial accomplishments of Prof. Karl Zelik.

Like Prof. De Luca, Prof. Zelik represents a rare breed of movement scientist cum entrepreneur, whose work features in prestigious scientific and business journals from Journal of Biomechanics to Forbes.

As the principal investigator at the Zelik Lab For Biomechanics & Assistive Technology at Vanderbilt University, Prof. Zelik leads research aimed at improving health, mobility and independence for individuals with physical disabilities through advances in movement science and assistive technology.

As the co-founder & CSO of HeroWear, Prof. Zelik develops effective & comfortable exoskeleton technology for workforces across the globe.

We wish Prof. Zelik, his colleagues and students continued success translating his innovative ideas into reality.

Delsys, Inc

De Luca Foundation