De Luca Foundation Announces Sponsorship of 4-Month Co-Op Position

The De Luca Foundation is pleased to announce their sponsorship of a 4-month Co-Op position, beginning May 2021 and subsequently operating on a rolling basis.  Selected candidates will have the opportunity to work with leading scientists and engineers of the movement sciences field at Altec Inc. The position will immerse research-minded engineering students into an active, University-style research environment, with the goal of developing translational technologies that will play a fundamental role in helping clinicians, researchers, and educators worldwide advance the science and healthcare of human movement.

About the Position

DLF is seeking highly motivated candidates to contribute to the research and development of next-generation human-centric technology. The R&D co-ops are involved in a broad spectrum of cutting-edge core research domains including: 

  • Neural Interfaces (Research Lead: Dr. Michael Twardowski, PhD) to develop next-generation technology for accessing inner workings of the nervous system;
  • Computer Vision (Research Lead: Ms. Bhawna Shiwani, MS) to build autonomous algorithms for tracking human movement;
  • Speech (Research Lead: Dr. Jennifer Vojtech, PhD) to develop cross-platform application programming interfaces and data visualization tools for assessment, recognition and synthesis of human speech.

The position involves a broad set of analytical and technical skills in the fields of signal processing, algorithm development, performance verification and error analysis. Successful candidates will have the opportunity to gain extensive experience working closely with a strong team of developers, R&D engineers, scientists, and clinical collaborators. 


$15,000.00 USD to $18,000.00 USD for the duration of the Co-Op.


4 months. Starting May 15th, with subsequent Co-Ops considered on a rolling basis.



Candidates must:

  • Be enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, or similar degree program with at least one (1) year of completed coursework.
  • Have experience with signal processing concepts and techniques.
  • Be fluent in a high-level language, such as Python or C#.
  • Be comfortable developing both Windows and Linux GUI and command line applications.


  • Have experience designing, testing, and implementing both supervised and unsupervised machine learning algorithms.
  • Have experience with the C++ and .NET environment


Candidate must have the ability to work 100% on-site at the Altec facility (23 Strathmore Road, Natick, MA, USA 01760).

Candidate must be a resident of, and legally eligible to work in, the USA (Altec and the De Luca Foundation do not sponsor work visas for internships and co-ops).

Additional Notes

Selected candidate(s) are responsible for their own relocation, living, and transportation expenses.

About Altec Inc.
Altec Inc. draws on engineering and physiology principles to design advanced, ground-breaking technologies that provide ease-of-use for the researcher and clinician to explore new ideas and applications for electromyography (EMG) and other bio-signals.  Our portfolio of research interests encompass basic science motor control theories, development of neural interfaces for speech and upper limb prosthetics, wearable health monitors, and next-generation sensor technology.

About De Luca Foundation
Founded in 1985, the De Luca Foundation (DLF) is a private charitable organization that dedicates its financial resources to serving the biomechanics community through grants and educational means.  We strive to raise awareness of innovative methodologies for understanding human motor control, foster innovative work, educate students and young researchers, and support research ideas to study and cure neuromuscular diseases.