Provide Support for Meetings

De Luca Foundation supports the organization of meetings that provide a forum to highlight and foster research advancements, sharing of knowledge, and education in the fields of motor control, biomechanics, and human movement science.


Provide financial support to national and international conferences, meetings, workshops, and seminars with the objective of bringing together researchers, clinicians, investigators, and student to display their work, discuss the latest research developments, and advance the fields of motor control, biomechanics, and human movement science.


Individuals affiliated with academic institutions, research institutions, foundations, or scientific interest groups are eligible to submit funding requests.


Requests should be directed towards the organization of events in the area of motor control, biomechanics, and human movement science. The award may be used to fund any of the elements necessary to ensure the successful execution of the event. For instance, funds can be applied towards:

  • Support for invited speakers’ travel and participation expenses.
  • Rental of conference facilities or equipment.

The following costs cannot be included in the requests:

  • Salaries.
  • Indirect costs and fringe benefits.
  • Entertainment and social activities.

Funding requests should not exceed 2,500 US $. Any funding request in excess of this amount should be accompanied by strong justification.

Submission of Funding Request

Requests can be submitted online. When submitting a request, provide the following information using the appropriate forms:

  1. Applicant Information (title, name, affiliation, email, phone number, address).
  2. Meeting Description, including:
    1. Meeting summary, including description of the goals and objectives, and expected number of participants.
    2. Statement of the need for such meeting, and how it will help advance the fields of motor control, biomechanics and human movement science.
      Meeting description, dates and location; description of the meeting topics and invited speakers.
    3. The names of chairpersons and organizing committees.
    4. Requested budget and budget justification.
    5. Disclosure of other funding sources for the event.
  3. Any other information that may be useful for consideration of the request.

There is no page limitation for the attachments. Additional details may be requested by DLF during review of the application.

Funding Decision

Funding decisions will be made based on the following criteria and availability of funds:

  • Relevance of the request and project to the goals of the DLF.
  • Evidence of usefulness to advance knowledge and research in motor control, biomechanics and human movement science.
  • Adequacy of the budget justification.
  • Clarity of the request.

Submission/Notification Dates

Requests can be submitted at any time during the year, at least 6 months ahead of the proposed event to ensure adequate time for evaluation.

Post-Award Requirements for Grantees

Progress Report. Progress report is due within a month of the completion of the meeting. The report should include: (i) a description of the meeting, event outcomes, and numbers of persons attending; (ii) a list of persons for whom travel funds were provided, their organizational addresses, and the sum utilized; and (iii) a list of other items for which funds were provided, their purpose for the event, and sum utilized.

Financial Accountability. Grantees are expected to account for the moneys expended under the grant; any money spent either not in accordance with the approved research project are both (i) recoverable by, and subject to restitution by you, to DLF and (ii) may be cause for immediate termination of funding by DLF.

Acknowledgement of Support. The support of the DLF should be disclosed in advertisements and publications that emanate from the event, such as printed and online content, conference proceedings, and program book, by including the logo of DLF and the following statements: “This event was supported by a grant from the De Luca Foundation”; “The content of this event is solely the responsibility of the authors and does not represent the official views of the De Luca Foundation.”


DLF assumes no responsibility for securing passports or visas required by any person because of his/her participation in a DLF-supported meeting.

DLF assumes no responsibility for covering foreign transaction fees or any other commissions that the awardee may be subject to when receiving the funds.