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For Students and postdoctoral fellows presenting in biomechanics and neural control

Joseph Hamill Access to Science Award

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American College of Sports Medicine

Anthony Wolfe
The University of Texas at Austin
“Comparison of Three Lactate Threshold Determination Methods in Trained Cyclists and in Non-Cyclists”

Kari Loverro
Boston University
“Local Dynamic Stability is Affected by Soldier-Relevant Torso Loads and Gait Speeds”

Kathryn O’Connor
University of Michigan
“Concussion recovery trajectories among United States Service Academy Members”

Ryan Culquohoun
Oklahoma State University
“Relationships between Motor Unit Behavior during Maximal Effort Contractions and Skeletal Muscle Phenotype”

Lucas Orssatto
Federal University of Santa Catarina
“Preservation Of Explosive Force In Long-term Strength Trained Elders Is Determined By Neural Adaptations”

Alia Yasen
University of Oregon
“Motor cortex function in symptomatic and asymptomatic individuals following mild traumatic brain injury”

Nathan Wages
University of Oklahoma
“Unilateral fatiguing exercise and its effect on relative, percent change differences between vastus lateralis muscles “

Michelle Aube
High Point University
“Muscle Activation Patterns during a Novel Lateral Lunge Jump Reaction Test”

Zachary Pope
Oklahoma State University
“Action Potential Amplitude as a Non-Invasive Indicator of Motor Unit Specific Hypertrophy”

Michael Trevino
University of Kansas
“Type I Myosin Heavy Chain Expression Influences Motor Unit Behavior of the Vastus Lateralis in Vivo”

Tiffany deVries
Brigham Young University
“Central Nervous System Activation in Blood Flow Restricted Exercise: A Pilot Study”

Scott Habowski
Kent State University
“Identification of Candidate Genes Contributing to Exercise Performance Phenotype Using Bioinformatics Analysis”

Kristamarie Pratt
University of Southern California
“Wearable Sensors Can Detect Knee Loading Asymmetries: Applications for Clinical Use”

Yong Woo An
University of Delaware
“Asymmetric Cortical Activity Between Limbs During Joint Loading”

Kevin Valenzuela
University of Tennessee – Knoxville
“Differences in Lower Limb Kinematics in Relationship to Changing Running Velocity”

Quint Berkemeier
Colorado Mesa University
“Muscle Activation in Seated and Standing Uphill Cycling”

Amanda Stone
University of Florida
“Posterior Center of Pressure Displacement Is Predictive of Gait Speed”

Shane Draper
Kent State University
“Effect of Acute Exercise on Mood and Cardiovascular Variables between Normoxia and Normobaric Hypoxia”

American Society of Biomechanics

Brianna Goodwin
University of Washington
“Wearable Technology to Monitor Hand Movement During Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy”

Katie Conway
University of North Carolina/North Carolina State University
“Older adults overcome their deficits to young adults when propulsive demands of walking are increased to their maximum”

Sophia Ulman
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Farzad Ehtemam
University of Maryland
“Application of Harmonic Transfer Functions Method of Analysis to Understand Responses to Mechanical Perturbations in Human Walking”

Zachary Adams
University of Delaware
“Rate Coding and Recruitment of Elbow Flexion Agonists”

Brian Cohn
University of Southern California
“Neuromechanical Implications of Postural Changes to Motor Learning and Performance”

Samuel Acuna
University of Wisconsin-Madison
“Individuals With A Prior Traumatic Brain Injury Exhibit Decreased Neuromuscular Complexity During Gait”

K. Michael Rowley
University of Southern California
“Perturbation of systems contributing to neuromotor control of posture in persons with recurrent low back pain”

Lauren Schoreder
University of Tennessee – Knoxville
“Knee Adduction Moment and Muscle Activation During a Sidecut on a Raised Surface”

Alison McDonald
McMaster University
“Submaximal Normalizing Methods to Evaluate Load Sharing Changes in Repetitive Upper Extremity Work”

Nina Carson
Humboldt State University
“The Effect of Lean on Running Kinematics and Muscle Activation”

Brian Cone
The University of North Carolina at Greensboro
“Postural Control Complexity is Associated with Enhanced Balance and Improved Vestibular Function Following a Balance Intervention”

Jack Martin
University of Wisconsin – Madison
“Ultrasonic Imaging of in Vivo Achilles Tendon Stress During Walking”

Joseph Mozingo
Mayo Clinic
“Accuracy of a 3D-2D Imaging-Based Approach for Quantifying Shoulder Motion Using a Clinically-Available Biplane Fluoroscope”

Christopher Nagelli
Mayo Clinic
“Longitudinal Effect of Nerve Block on Gait Mechanics following Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction: A Prospective Randomized Control Study”

Mohammad Moein Nazifi
Texas A&M University
“Correlation Between Slip Severity and Muscle Synergies of Slipping”

Tyler Richardson
University of Delaware
“A Comparison of Model-Predicted Muscle Activations with Electromyography during Shoulder Abduction”

Mariah Whitmore
Northwestern University
“Estimation of Ankle Impedance When Walking on a Slippery Walkway”

Chase Rock
University of Nebraska at Omaha
“Relationship Between Push-off Work and Stride-to-Stride Fluctuations in Transtibial Prosthesis Users”

Michael Vignos
University of Wisconsin – Madison
“In Vivo Measurement of Tibiofemoral Kinematics and Cartilage Contact Following ACL Injury: Baseline Results of A Longitudinal Investigation”

European College of Sport Science

Christopher McCrum
Maastricht University
“Adaptation and inter-limb transfer of gait stability following perturbations in young and older adults assessed using stability-normalised walking speeds”

Poveda David
Catholic University of Murcia
“Effects of contraction intensity on the responses to brain and corticospinal tract stimulation after a single session of resistance training”

Pedro Fatela
University of Lisbon
“Neuromuscular Fatigue Depends On Relative Blood-Flow Restriction Levels”

Håkon Stålesen
University of Adger
“The Effect of a Failure- and Submaximal Protocol on Muscle”

Nicholas Tam
University of Cape Town
“Barefoot Running Training: Implications for Joint Stiffness and Muscular Co-Activation”

All Other Conferences

Christopher Saliba
Queen’s University

Dorelle Hinton
McGill University
“Cerebellar and Parietal Cortex Activation Predicts Walking Pattern Characteristics During Continuous Gait Adjustments to the Split-Belt Treadmill: An {18F}-FDG PET Study.”

Steven Pretty
University of Waterloo

Dan Descroches
York University
“Does Fatigue Change Motion & Muscle Activation Patterns During an Extreme Conditioning Protocol”

Deepak Kumar
Eidgenossische Technische Hochschule Zurich
“Complementing clinical decision-making with gait signatures: Identifying the effectiveness of Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) therapy”

Benjamin Shuman
University of Washington
“Pre-treatment synergy activations are associated with post-treatment gait in cerebral palsy”

Chang Liu
University of Southern California
“Assessing the effects of spatiotemporal asymmetry on intersegmental coordination elicited by slip-like perturbations during walking”

Samuel Acuna
University of Wisconsin – Madison
“Improvements in dynamic motor control following neurorehabilitation of chronic balance deficits due to prior traumatic brain injury”

Tom Buurke
University Medical Center Groningen
“Changes in mediolateral dynamic balance control during imposed gait asymmetry on a split-belt treadmill strongly depend on passive dynamics in gait”

Scott Uhlrich
Stanford University
“Voluntary modulation of redundant muscle activity during gait using visual feedback”

Carl Beringer
University of Pittsburgh
“Impedance Perception During Active Ankle and Knee Movement”

Pouya Amiri
McGill University
“Modulation of ankle intrinsic stiffness with postural sway”

Jocelyn Hafer
University of Massachusetts, Amherst
“The role of muscle function in gait mechanics at the knee: Older vs. young adults “

Allison Clouthier
Queen’s University
“Effect of articular geometry on patellofemoral joint function”

Melissa Boswell
Stanford University
“The Effect of Brain Size on Inducing Traumatic Brain Injury”

Simon Franklin
University of Birmingham
“Impact of Footwear and Ageing on Gait and Muscle Activation”

Maurice Mohr
University of Calgary
“Muscle co-contraction index in young adults with and without previous knee injury – Intrarater reliability during gait”

Ian Russell
University of Southern California
“A novel four-axis parsing of shoulder net joint moment in manual wheelchair propulsion”

Sebastian Becker
Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen University
“Time-frequency coherence of categorized sEMG data during dynamic contractions of biceps, triceps and brachioradialis as an approach for spasticity detection “

Jia Liu
University of Southern California
“Sex Differences in Hip Extensor Muscle Activation During the Late Swing Phase of Running: Implications for Altered Frontal Plane Hip Kinematics”

Paula Pelicioni
Neuroscience Research Australia
“Gait Stability is Affected By Antiparkinsonian Medication in Parkinson’s Disease Subtypes”

Davide Pavan
University of Padua
“Effectiveness and injury prevention during rugby tackle: an on-field, biomechanical based assessment”

David Williams
Cardiff University
“Relationship between frontal plane alignment and biomechanical performance of total knee replacement using dynamic fluoroscopy and gait analysis of a unique patient population “

Agostina Casamento-Moran
University of Florida
“Low-Frequency Oscillations in force slow reaction time”

Seyedeh Fatemeh Khatami Firoozabadi
University of Connecticut
“Neural Coding and Discrimination of High-Order Sound Statistics in the Inferior Colliculus”