De Luca Foundation Names Walter Herzog, PhD & Rebecca Miksad, MD as Scientific Advisors

Natick (MA) – De Luca Foundation (DLF), a nonprofit organization that provides financial support to various motor control initiatives worldwide announced that Walter Herzog, Ph D & Rebecca Miksad, MD have been named scientific advisors, effective August 1, 2018. Prof. Herzog and Dr. Miksad will advise DLF Staff on public outreach programs. These include the new flagship initiative – a biannual research scholarship program, R&D grants, travel grants, public education and scientific workshops.

“Human movement is extremely complex to understand.  The scientific challenges to address various facets of human movement needs funding from public and private sources like the De Luca Foundation.  I strongly encourage every ambitious student in this field to apply for a research scholarship and embark on scientific challenges.”

Prof. Jaap Harlaar, Ph.D, Delft University of Technology

Announced in April 2018, the flagship research scholarship program, attracted 55 applications from North America (41), Europe (9), Asia (3), Middle east (1) and Africa (1).  The winner will be announced on Sept 7, 2018. To learn more, or to apply to the next program cycle, please click here.

“It is exciting to hear that DLF received 55 applications for the research scholarship program started in April 2018.  This is evidence that the scholarship program resonates among the research community. For the recipients of a scholarship, the benefit to their career can be life changing.  Even the unsuccessful applicants will have had the experience of formulating their ideas and improving themselves in the process.”

Prof. Ton van den Bogert, PhD, Cleveland State University

About De Luca Foundation

DLF is a nonprofit organization that seeks to foster research and education to improve our understanding of human movement. DLF leads the funding initiatives and educational programs to expand opportunities for promising students and researchers pursing scientific work on motor disorders.  To date, DLF has awarded more than $1.25 million US dollars in research grants and scholarship to help students and scientists generate of new scientific ideas; increase conference attendances and solve problems associated with motor disabilities.